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Where Hipsters Eat, Visualized

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You probably turn to Yelp to look for single, stand-out restaurants and businesses. But there's a lot of data inside all those reviews, which can make for fascinating analysis—letting you spot trends across geographic locations.

This map, for instance, shows where the word "hipster" crops up across NYC reviews—and hey, look, Williamsburg wins out! But over on Yelp's Word Map site you can filter by everything from "bacon", though "kosher", to "romantic". Aw.


As well as being fun—and confirming stereotypes—it's actually kinda handy. Filter by "cheap", say, and you can work out where to head if you're in need of some budget eating. The service is currently up and running for 16 countries, mainly across the US. Go check it out. [Yelp via Waxy via Flowing Data]