Congratulations, Morphing Nerds: The Power Rangers are Going on Tour

Probably at least some of these Rangers will be there.
Probably at least some of these Rangers will be there.
Image: Saban/Hasbro

When Hasbro got the Power Rangers license, as a lifelong fan, I started wondering what they’d do. A cartoon? Closer collaboration with the show’s Japanese counterparts? More movies? Perhaps the Power Rangers heyday of the 1990s would return.


Well, all of that could still happen, but in the meantime Hasbro is doing something even more ‘90s than that. That’s right, it’s roadshow time. As reported by Power Rangers fan site Morphin’ Legacy, Hasbro is taking the costumed heroes on tour, for what Hasbro’s press release calls “a live stage experience intended for Power Rangers fans of all ages.”

This takes me back. Remember when stage shows were a regular part of the childhood pop culture experience? And you’d ask your parents to take you, and they’d say no, and then you’d pretend it looked too cheesy anyways and you never wanted to go in the first place?

Well, now you’re an adult, and you can go to whatever ridiculous live events you want. So far, Hasbro hasn’t released dates or cities for the tour, which will be run by company Kilburn Live and Koba Entertainment, alongside Hasbro. But one thing’s for sure: you’ll finally be able to fulfill your dream of meeting a Power Ranger, stealing their morpher, and running away, not once looking back on the life you left behind.

Maybe that’s just my dream.



The “heyday” of Power Rangers will never return, because society now is at least tangentially aware of Super Sentai and the fact that Power Rangers is a total ripoff “adaptation” of said series, and because Saban knows that people are becoming increasingly aware of that, they did FAR too much nonsense to try to make it “distinct” from the originals, which only makes it increasingly worse. Hasbro might handle it better, but I have severe doubts about that as Hasbro doesn’t have a spectacular track record either. I will NEVER forgive Saban for what they did to Gokaiger, and Haim Saban, at the very least, should be in prison for war crimes.

Until Toei themselves steps in to manage the Western PR adaptation process, PR will continue to be a barely-held-together shell of what it was in the 90s.