Control Your PC With the Puyocon Motion-Sensing Ball

Illustration for article titled Control Your PC With the Puyocon Motion-Sensing Ball

Using a mouse is old-hat, if the recent wave of ball-shaped motion-sensing PC remotes is anything to go by. Straight out of Japan, the Puyocon can be squeezed, thrown around or rolled, controlling actions on the computer.

The Entertainment Computing Laboratory, at Tsukuba University in Japan, should hook up with Cambridge Consultants, whose Suma controller has been designed especially for PC gaming. Both ideas are very interesting, taking the Wiimote as influence, with 14 pressure sensors, a three-way acceleration sensor and Bluetooth taking up the core parts of the Puyocon. Could these balls wipe out traditional computer mice in the future?


Check out the video below for a demo of how the Puyocon is used. [Puyocon via Crunchgear]

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I think I invented this back in November.


I have a feeling that they have been working on this a bit longer. Dammit.

I guess there's no need to say I really like this idea.