Could Emily Blunt finally play a Marvel superhero in The Avengers 2?

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Check out a Game of Thrones set video from Croatia. Monsters director Gareth Edwards explains why his Godzilla will be the most realistic version ever. More human characters might be returning for Transformers 4. Plus Revolution, 666 Park Avenue, and more!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Game of Thrones.

The Avengers 2

Looper actress Emily Blunt, who famously missed out on the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 — insofar as any Emily Blunt casting decision is really capable of attaining fame — is reportedly back in contention for a major role. Specifically, she is rumored to be one of two main contenders for the part of Carol Danvers, better known as Ms. Marvel. The other actress linked to the role is Luther's Ruth Wilson. While this is still very much at the rumor stage, it has been suggested by Marvel decision-makers that the next movie would feature new Avengers, and that the team's gender imbalance would be at least somewhat redressed, so the addition of Ms. Marvel seems like a reasonably safe bet. [The Daily Mail]


The Hobbit

While it always seems a bit silly to read too much into movie tie-in LEGO sets, there might be a few nuggets of information to glean from the details revealed for the LEGO offerings for An Unexpected Journey, the first of Peter Jackson's three Hobbit movies. In particular, one of the sets is called "Escape from Mirkwood Spiders", which features the dwarves Kili and Fili fleeing from the Spiders — and the elves Legolas and Tauriel showing up to rescue them. That would seem to confirm that particular event occurs in the first movie, and that both Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly will be in this first chapter. There's more on the other sets at the link. [The One Ring]


Here are some more promotional banners. [IGN]


Monsters director Gareth Edwards discusses his approach to the latest movie about the iconic monster, and he then offers an amusingly disgusting analogy for the state of the project's visual effects:

"I've always been interested in Godzilla and the ideas around him. I really wanted to see another Godzilla film and jumped at the opportunity. My main idea was to imagine 'If this really happened, what would it be like?' I want to take a grounded, realistic approach to a Godzilla film...[On the visual effects] I've never worked this hard, this long and been this emotionally involved in something that's lasted only a few seconds since the time I lost my virginity! But the reaction has been amazing and I can't wait for the fans to see our final product."


[Total Film via Coming Soon]

Kick-Ass 2


Writer-director Jeff Wadlow tweeted this photo from the set. The Kick-Ass sequel just finished filming in Toronto and is now headed to London. [Coming Soon]


Here's a trailer. [IGN]

And here's a behind-the-scenes production video. [MTV Movies Blog]

Rise of the Guardians

Here's an international TV spot for the upcoming, folklore-fueled Dreamworks movie.

Transformers 4

With franchise stalwart Glenn Morshower already having revealed he is set to return for the fourth movie, it appears talk of completely replacing the cast was at least a little bit premature. Now Tyrese Gibson has said he wants to come back as Robert Epps, and he even implies the original plan actually was to bring star Shia LeBeouf for this latest film, and his departure was somewhat less amicable than thought. Anyway, here's an edited down version of his rambling explanation of where things stand:

"I don't know… me and Michael Bay, we've been exchanging e-mails… I mean Text Messages and I just hope that it works out… I mean things fell apart with Megan Fox and so we had to do what we had to do to pick up the pieces and keep moving with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. And now things fell apart with Shia. Business is business I think. I think Shia has expressed his opinion...But for me I started this s*** with Shia, Josh, Michael Bay and the Team and sometimes you lose a team member. In my mind not be in a part with Transformers 4… if that's even happening… it f**** me up. I'll be honest… I love it. It was the childhood, movie, favorite of mine… you know I don't really not wanna be a part of the franchise. Period. You know when you lose a team member sometimes you gotta keep going. Period."


Amazingly, there's more at the link, including a truly frightening amount of thought put into the current status of Shia LeBeouf's brand. [TFW 2005]

Breaking Dawn: Part 2


Here's another international poster. [Coming Soon]


Here's a preview for the next episode and third overall, "The Recordist." [Fringe Television]


Here's a poster. [SpoilerTV]

Game of Thrones

Here's a behind-the-scenes video from Croatia, featuring interviews with the creative team.


Executive producer David Rambo confirms that a fairly major character will indeed die in tonight's episode:

"In every single cut of this episode that we've watched, there wasn't a dry eye here," Rambo says. "It's a really emotional episode. Tracy's performance is amazing. She really moved us all... As we say, no one is safe. I don't know if [death is] a regular thing, but it's something we're not afraid to do, because this is a brutal world and this is a world where you step on a nail and you could die."


That said, Rambo does say the show could still revisit the deceased character through flashbacks. There's more at the link. [TV Guide]


Here are some promo photos for episode seven, "The Bottle Imp", which airs this Friday. [SpoilerTV]


And here's a promo for the episode.

Here's the synopsis for the ninth episode, "La Llorona", which airs October 26:

IT'S HALLOWEEN IN PORTLAND AND A SERIES OF BIZARRE CHILD ABDUCTIONS LEAD NICK TO A GHOST STORY THAT MAY BE REALITY – KATE DEL CASTILLO GUEST STARS — Despite the enthusiastic anticipation of the city's residents for Halloween, a series of horrifying child abductions make their way to Portland, quickly spoiling the holiday spirit. Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) join forces with Valentina Espinosa (guest star Kate del Castillo, Telemundo's "La Reina del Sur"), a mysterious detective from Albuquerque, to help find and capture the elusive suspect. Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) joins their investigation, acting as the precinct's fill-in Spanish translator. The more Nick digs into the case, the more he realizes the pattern of the kidnapping matches those in the famed Hispanic horror story "La Llorona," a story with its roots intertwined with his own family's history. Meanwhile, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) celebrates the holiday in fine style as he teaches the neighborhood bullies a lesson.



Once Upon a Time

Here's a pair of trailers for the next episode, "Lady of the Lake."

Here's a short description for the fifth episode, "The Doctor", which airs October 28:

As Regina tries to refrain from using her magic in order to regain Henry's trust, she starts seeing a ghost from her past; Mary Margaret and Emma find a survivor from an Ogre massacre; Regina struggles to learn the dark arts.



The show is reportedly casting a recurring character who would debut in the eleventh episode and possibly become a regular in the third season. The character is named Barrett and described as "in his 30s, kind and smart, but also has a very dark side and has beliefs and a way of life that he will fight fiercely to defend." [SpoilerTV]


666 Park Avenue

Here's a synopsis for episode five, "A Crowd of Demons":

Olivia's lobby decorations bring to mind the bloody Halloween of 1929; the spirit from the staircase targets Jane; Gavin receives text messages threatening Olivia; Brian questions Louise about Dr. Evans; something of Gavin's goes missing.



On-screen husband and wife Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams preview what to expect in the next episode, "The Dead Don't Stay Dead":

O'Quinn: We still don't know how they met. We don't know much except that they had a daughter who they lost. When she was 18-years-old, she died. We find out a lot more about that in episode 3.
Williams: It's about the anniversary of her daughter's death, and seeing what happens to her emotionally. So you'll see much of Olivia coming up soon.


And here are some promo photos for the episode. There's also a synopsis below. [KSiteTV]


"The Dead Don't Stay Dead" – More mysteries begin to unfold at The Drake as Jane repeatedly glimpses a little girl – or an apparition? – who beckons her to a room with a strange suitcase. Meanwhile, Henry and Jane are drawn closer to the Dorans, Gavin manipulates a possible career change for Henry, and Olivia shares a painful secret with Jane about her daughter Sasha's death ten years ago. Finally, Gavin offers to help Annie Morgan, a budding young journalist residing at the Drake, who suddenly discovers that anything that she writes becomes the truth - with terrifying results.



American Horror Story: Asylum

Here's the latest preview, which clarifies just how Jenna Dewan and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine's married couple fit into all this. [TV Guide]

In a minor bit of casting news, Erin Allin O'Reilly will play a character called Nurse Fuller in the seventh episode of the season. [SpoilerTV]



Here are some promo photos for the second season finale, "God's Eye." [SpoilerTV]


The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev provides pretty much the most on-the-nose statement imaginable of this show's appeal when she promises Elena's transition to being a vampire means lots of vampire sex:

All the rage is this vampire sex," said Nina Dobrev, when we caught up with her on the set a few weeks ago. "Unfortunately, I can't tell you who Elena's going to have it with but she definitely will have some and it's definitely going to be hot and heavy and sexy and fun."



Teen Wolf

The third season premiere would appear to be entitled "Tattoo." [SpoilerTV]

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