Mark Zuckerberg on the NSA Debacle, Facebook Home, and Sucking at IPOs

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Speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference Mark Zuckerberg has made his feelings known about the recent NSA scandal, pointing out that the government "blew it".


In his own words: "Frankly, I think that the government blew it. They blew it on communicating the balance of what they were going for with this."

He's rightly annoyed, because Facebook was implicated in the NSA debacle earlier this year, though Zuckerberg has claimed that it doesn't allow the government direct access to its servers. Instead, he insists, each request is reviewed case-by-case. He went on to explain how he sees a major part of his job as ensuring user data remains safes. Aw, thanks Mark.

Elsewhere, Zuckerberg explained that Yahoo's new logo "seems fine", referred to Bill Gates as "one of the greatest visionaries that our industry has ever had", but faltered when it came to offering advice for Twitter ahead of its IPO. "I'm the last person you would want to ask how to make a smooth IPO," he joked. Ain't that the truth.

Finally, he spoke about Facebook Home, insisting that he remains committed to the software. "We're going to keep on working on it till we get it right," he said, adding that we can expect to see more Instagram integration in the future. [Verge]



Could have really anyone made a smooth IPO for Facebook? I mean the build up to it was so strange. So many people that I knew that were extremely young kept talking about how this was the next microsoft and they were getting in at the ground floor and gonna be rich one day because of it - kind of thing.

I'd tell them not to think that way necessarily, but they just kept picture all the people who regretted not buying Microsoft stock or what ever and decided they weren't going to be one of those guys.