Cress Williams Seemingly Confirms that Black Lightning Will Appear in the Arrowverse's Crisis on Infinite Earths

Cress Wiliams as Black Lightning.
Cress Wiliams as Black Lightning.
Image: CW

Black Lightning was the only superhero show on the CW that didn’t belong to or relate to the Arrowverse in some way. Seems like that’s changing, at least a little.


Recently, a rumor emerged on a few pop culture websites that Cress Williams’ Black Lightning, star of the (pretty great) superhero show of the same name, would be appearing during Crisis on Infinite Earths, the upcoming big Arrowverse crossover event that will feature, among other characters, Brandon Routh playing a Kingdom Come-ified Superman.

Now, taking to Instagram, Cress Williams appears to confirm the rumors, posting a picture of one of the headlines with the caption, “You asked for it… you got it!!!”

If true, then Black Lightning will appear on one of the Arrowverse shows during the week of the crossover, which is occuring in the fall season. The appearance, whatever it ends up being, is in line with recent comments from Cree Williams that suggests that Black Lightning might be bound to join the Arrowverse proper at some point.

Arrow is set to premiere for its eighth season on October 15, while Black Lightning returns for its third on October 21st.


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I think the issue was always that Black Lightning filmed in Atlanta, while the other shows filmed in Vancouver. But just using Cress as Jefferson Pierce is a nice compromise — he flies out to Vancouver to shoot the crossover and then flies back to Atlanta to shoot his own show, makes perfect sense.

And I would love to see him interact with the rest of the Arrowverse, especially the Legends. Hell, I want to see the Legends interact with everybody.