Brian T Klug has balls, I'll give him that. Why else would he have bought a Discovery Channel CD-ROM (Windows 98) incorrectly priced on Amazon to the tune of $2,904,980,000 just to see what would happen?


As you can see from the image above, the result was that...well, he spent $3 billon on an ancient CD. However, It wasn't long before Amazon noticed the record payday and cancelled the order. Despite the fact that the payment was impossible to process, I wouldn't have been surprised if Klug's little fiscal adventure backfired in a big way—either with destroyed credit or crippling debt.

The seller behind the CD has a good rating, and it is obvious that this was a typo. What I don't understand is why a new seller jumped in to sell the CD at a comparably inexpensive $250,000. Looks like Orbit Inc is trying to pull a major scam. [reddit via Consumerist]

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