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DC Comics' New Looney Tunes Crossovers Are Delightfully Bonkers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How do you top Elmer Fudd crossing paths with Batman? Well, Lex Luthor taking Porky Pig to Washington, DC might be how.

DC Comics has announced a quartet of new crossovers between the DC multiverse and the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes roster of characters in the wake of last year’s excellently silly batch, and they all sound just as fascinatingly weird as those pairings were. Here’s the breakdown of all four one-shots:

  • Catwoman/Sylvester and Tweety by Gail Simone, Shea Fontana, Inaki Miranda, and Walter Carzon sees Gotham’s finest thief embroiled in the endless battle for dominance between Sylvester and Tweety, coming to the aid of her fellow cat. So naturally, Tweety calls on Black Canary to even the odds!
  • Harley Quinn/Gossamer by Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Sholly Fisch, Pier Brito, and Dave Alvarez features Harley discovering a mysterious crate washed up on Coney Island’s shore, only to find it contains the big hairy beast that is Gossamer... who then proceeds to help her fight a giant robot.
  • The Joker/Daffy Duck by Scott Lobdell, Joey Cavalieri, Brett Booth, Norm Rapund, and Luciano Vecchio has Daffy visit Gotham to see the ACME headquarters, only to find that the building has been abandoned and taken over by the clown prince of crime, and is offered a place by his side as the Joker’s right-hand duck.
  • Finally, Lex Luthor/Porky Pig by Mark Russell, Jim Fanning, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, and John Loter sees a desperate Porky take an entry level job at LexCorp, only to find himself hauled to Washington, DC when a political scandal puts Lex Luthor in the sights of Congress.

I just wrote all of that out and I still can’t believe they’re going to be actual comics. What a delight.


Each bumper issue will feature a main story as well as a backup featuring the DC/Looney Tunes pairings and will hit shelves August 29. If these can match the brilliance of Batman/Elmer Fudd, we’re in for a crossover treat this summer.

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