DC plans to bring a prominent character out of the closet

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DC Comics' New 52 has brought plenty of changes to its superpowered characters, but the publisher's policy has been not to change the sexual orientations of any existing characters. That's about to change, however, as DC co-publisher Dan DiDio announces plans to reintroduce an established character as gay.

Last year, DiDio told The Advocate that DC's plans were to introduce new gay characters rather than change the orientation of established characters. However, when asked about that policy at this weekend's Kapow! convention in London, DiDio said that plans had changed, and that a previously established DC character would be introduced in the New 52 universe as gay. DiDio told the audience that the character would become "one of our most prominent gay characters."

The question is: who will it be? It sounds like the character will be one who hasn't yet appeared in the New 52 (so that image above probably won't pan out). Will anyone's slashfic dreams pan out? And will the newly homosexual character be a hero or a villain?


Top image via FFFFOUND.

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