Deadly Viper Killed by iRobot Roomba

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There are worse things to worry about in the Middle East than a robotic vacuum cleaner, but to the viper who thought it'd be a cozy place to sleep, it proved to be the end of his violent, snakey existence.


The vipera palaestinae, as his parent snake gods christened him, had wound himself so tightly inside the iRobot Roomba that it died of head wounds. The Roomba? Well, it's back to a life of giving kittens free rides and not cleaning corners correctly. [Facebook via BotJunkie]


Gimmi Mørgäikkönën

I was always suspicious of those things, I think when there are enough of them in homes they will come alive and enslave us with tasers or something, that snake may have shown us what they are capable of!!