Get some solid state in your life with the lowest price ever on the Corsair 128GB Force Series GS Red SSD. If for some reason you haven't experienced a solid state drive before, prepare to be amazed as this breathes new life into your aging laptop or desktop, or even your PS3. Why not pick up one to put in your future Playstation 4 while it's cheap? [Amazon].

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Check out our coverage of the Amazon Gold Box Flash Storage deal, great stuff.


Check out our coverage of the Amazon Gold Box Flash Storage deal, great stuff. I'll pull out the best stuff below too. See the whole sale here.





Please restock.

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To get all the gaming deals all the time, check out the Kotaku Moneysaver.

  • Grab The Last of Us for $45 right here.
  • Amazon has a killer deal going on flash storage, and Dealzmodo has it covered.
  • Purchase Mario and Luigi Dream Team from Toys R' Us and get ANY other game priced $19.99 or less for 99 cents.
  • Amazon is offering a FREE copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us with several different PS3 Bundles. Best bet is the Uncharted 3 250GB Bundle because it comes with a year of Plus, effectively bringing the cost down to $220 BEFORE whatever you could sell Uncharted 3and Injustice for if you don't actually want them. That's arguably the best deal ever for a PS3.


  • Game Music Bundle 5 starts at just $1 and includes up to 19 amazing gaming soundtracks including World of Goo and Frog Fractions.







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