‘Deep Nostalgia’ Can Now Make Old Photos of Your Relatives Dance and Blow Kisses

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According to MyHeritage, since the launch of its Deep Nostalgia tool five weeks ago, over 72 million photo animations have been created through its site—and that was with just 10 different options available. Today, the company is doubling the number of unique movements that can be applied to still photos in Deep Nostalgia, including one that finally shows your ancestors getting down to a funky beat.

As fascinating as it was to see long-deceased ancestors that users may have only known through old photographs appear to come to life, the Deep Nostalgia tool, powered by a deep learning algorithm created by D-ID, gave many users another opportunity to have a brief emotional connection with a loved one they’d lost, even if it was just a short video of them appearing to smile at the camera.


The 10 new options introduced today might be especially tear-jerking for some users as they include emotionally heavy movements and expressions like kisses, a compassionate look, more smiles, and even an approving nod. If you want to try them out, you’ll still need to create a free account on the MyHeritage website, but it’s the right thing to do according to this soldier and random man nodding in approval.