We've all had that thought while playing with origami: "If this paper swan were bigger, I would live in it." Okay, so maybe not all of us have had that thought, but it certainly crossed the minds of the architects at Make, in London, who recently designed these crazy folding kiosks.

Each kiosk is essentially a lightweight aluminum shell, inspired by the Japanese art of paper-folding. As such, the door on the front opens and closes like a paper fan, even providing a canopy to keep kiosk visitors out of the rain. "Origami was fundamental in developing the design; the idea of a folding fan informed the design and folded paper models were used throughout the process, right up to the final testing of the completed design," the project's architect Sean Affleck recently told Dezeen.

Two of these neat kiosks are already being used in London's Canary Wharf, and more are on the way. Now if they could just go ahead and build a house-sized versions, dreams would come true. [Dezeen]