Disney Wants You To Bring Your iPad To The Little Mermaid Screenings

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Well here's something you'll hate. Most theaters do everything they can to discourage people from using their mobile devices during a movie. But Disney is re-releasing The Little Mermaid starting September 13, and actually encourages moviegoers to bring and use their iPad during the film. Say wha?

The screenings are kind of a modern take on the sing-alongs that films like Mamma Mia and the Rocky Horror Picture Show have. But those in attendance are encouraged to download an accompanying iOS app which provides everything from games, to karaoke-style lyrics, to other interactive elements designed to 'enhance' the film.

It's obviously targeted at kids—at least kids lucky enough to own an iPad—but you can safely assume this won't be the last film to offer such 'added value' features. Admittedly, behind-the-scenes info or details about an actor could be interesting during a film, and Disney is already doing this with the upcoming Blu-ray for Iron Man 3.


But that's in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Putting up with hundreds of bright and noisy screens in a dark theater doesn't quite seem worth it. [Disney Second Screen Live via Stu Maschwitz (Twitter)]