This Brilliant Subway Hack Guarantees You'll Never Fall

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The only thing worse than getting on a full subway car where there's no place to sit, is getting on an even fuller subway car where there's no place to brace yourself. But here's a brilliant hack that not only guarantees you've always got something secure to hold onto, but also something no one else has put their dirty hands on: a toilet plunger.

Our cartoon heros have been using plungers to climb walls and stick to ceilings for years, and apparently in real life the bathroom accessory has other uses too. You'll just want to make sure you can get it unstuck from the ceiling well before the subway arrives at your stop.


— ♨なはと♨ (@__NachT__) June 19, 2013

[Twitter via LikeCool]

Image by Szasz-Fabian Jozsef/Shutterstock

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Do you really want to be the weirdo who brings a toilet plunger on the subway?