For homeowners making do with a cramped backyard shed instead of a spacious garage, Toro's new SmartStow mower can be folded down and stored vertically so it takes up about 70 percent less space. And it's made possible by a new Briggs & Stratton engine featuring leak proof Mow 'n' Stow technology.

So thanks to improved gaskets and seals on the motor, gas tank, and fuel lines, standing the front-wheel-drive mower won't result in gas or oil leaking all over the place. It also makes it easier to do maintenance on Toro's new mower, like sharpening the cutting blade.

In theory it also makes it easier to clean the mower's underdeck. But that's already a painless chore with the included Washout port that lets you just connect a garden hose, turn on the water, and let the $369 mower clean itself. Suddenly home ownership and maintenance doesn't sound that difficult. [Toro via Uncrate]