Does The Original RickRoll'D Video Still Play For You?

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A wave of sadness tore through the internet this evening, as news spread that the original RickRoll'D video was being blocked to YouTube viewers in the U.S. and elsewhere. Fearing the end of an era, I went to the YouTube link and, somehow, it worked for me. Does this video play for you?

I swear, I'm not just trying to RickRoll the readers of Gizmodo.

If you were literally just born 30 seconds ago and don't know what we're talking about: RickRolling was a joke where people would disguise a link to the above video as something you'd actually want to see. The classic link-and-switch. Bait-and-link? I dunno. The original video, uploaded by YouTuber Cotter548, racked up over 70 million views.


It was taken down due to copyright garbage or whatever back in 2012, but it came back seemingly just as soon as it was gone.

Of course, RickRolling can never really die on the internet. There are dozens of alternate RickRoll videos on YouTube, and if the "original" does eventually disappear forever, it won't actually hamper anyone from rekindling this tired old joke that hangs around the internet like a fart that won't air out.

So go ahead, let us know if the video above, the O.G. RickRoll'D, plays for you. And if you're game, tell us your embarrassing RickRoll stories. We were all there. We all did it. We all (mostly) regret it.



Wait, did we just get Rick Roll'd by expecting not to see the video? Is the universe going to end now?