Does This Video Show the iPhone 5 Front Panel?

We're in the hot thick summer of New iPhone rumors, now: Japanese bloggers have shot video of an alleged piece of Apple's next handset. If it's true—a big if—you're looking at the iPhone 5's face. It's bigger.


As you can see in Macotakara's physical comparison, the new front plate sticks out appreciably above a current iPhone, though doesn't appear to be any wider—this stays in line with rumors we've been picking up regarding a taller iPhone with a boosted display resolution. Macotakara's measurements put the new front at 4.07 inches, which, again, would line up with a rumored screen that jumps from 3.5 to somewhere around 4.

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All of this assumes the part is actually something Apple will be using. It might not be.

[Macotakara via MacRumors]



Obvious fake is obvious. Apple wouldn't move the front camera from its current position.

Also, Apple creating a taller iPhone is the dumbest decision they could make, and one I'm 99% sure they won't be making. If anything the screen will maintain the current aspect ratio while raising both the height and width to get to 4 inches. No one wants letterboxed apps.