Don Cheadle Still Can't Believe Mark Ruffalo Legitimately Spoiled Avengers: Infinity War in 2017

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Mark Ruffalo wasn’t joking.

Back in July 2017, the Hulk actor was on Good Morning America talking about the exciting, first ever footage from Avengers: Infinity War along with co-star Don Cheadle. Oddly enough, while the clip spread far and wide at the time, no one took it too seriously. Everyone assumed Ruffalo was joking when he said “everyone” died in a movie—which wouldn’t be out for 10 months—because, frankly, we never expected Marvel to pull that kind of move. Only in hindsight, after we all saw what really went down, did we realize the extent of Ruffalo’s screw up.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, Cheadle—the new voice of Donald Duck—explained that, no, of course Ruffalo wasn’t joking. He slipped up big time.

While a lot of people might have been clueless, if you knew Thanos’ story from Marvel’s comics, Ruffalo’s quote made sense. But, knowing Marvel’s secrecy, it also seemed like it was impossible for him to say what he had, not just in any interview, but on Good Morning America. But say it he did. And we still love him for it.


Hey Mark, blink twice if you know the Avengers 4 title.