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Don't Forget How Beautiful the World Is

Living in cities, driving on freeways, going to work, sitting in cubicles, shopping at supermarkets, surrounding yourself in urban density and all around stepping away from nature makes it easy to forget how beautiful she can be. We should never forget.


Photographer Shane Black and two of his friends quit their jobs this past summer to spend two months traveling around the country (and teach photography workshops). As he traveled to different places, Black created a time lapse video at each location to document the whole trip. In total, the guys visited 32 states, spent time in 13 national and state parks, and drove nearly 13,000 miles.

You can read more about the gear they used here. [Shane Black Vimeo]


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That is some serious time lapse. And some serious framing/exposure/focal length work. Liking it.

My comment is funny in this context, because I don't wish to take anything away from what I just saw. It's fantastic. And yet, it's my experience that the micro view can be just as fascinating, yet it requires more knowledge (or less need for stimulation) to understand. (For instance, birds alarming on a nest robber, which generates a cross-species bird response, yet most people never see it.)