Doom Patrol Season 2 Will Stream on HBO Max and DC Universe

The Doom patrol getting ready to spring into action.
The Doom patrol getting ready to spring into action.
Image: DC Universe

What the Doom Patrol panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con lacked in the way of footage from the show’s upcoming second season, it made up for with an interesting bit of news. It might be easier for people to get into the series in coming months courtesy of Warner Bros.’ newest streaming endeavor HBO.


During the panel, actress Diane Guerrero and executive producer Jeremy Carver discussed how the show’s creative team found the voice they wanted to define Doom Patrol, and how it’s resonated deeply with those DC Universe subscribers who followed the first season. When the conversation turned to whether there’s more Doom Patrol in the pipeline, Guerrero broke the news that not only is the series returning soon, it’ll also stream on both DC Universe and HBO Max simultaneously.

While it isn’t exactly surprising that some of DC Universe’s buzzier content would make the leap over to HBO Max, the decision to stream Doom Patrol on both services is interesting because it further cements DC’s continued support of the service.

When Swamp Thing was immediately canceled after its first episode premiered earlier this year, the company said it was still very committed to DC Universe, and that seems to be the case for the time being. But it’s also presumably going to be much easier for people to start watching shows like Doom Patrol just by virtue of being available on more platforms.

What this means for the rest of the DC Universe shows and the platform’s longterm future remains to be seen, but when HBO Max rolls around out in 2020, it’s going to come with a heaping serving of madcap comic book-y wildness courtesy of TV’s most doomed, found family.

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Interesting strategy. Keep HBO Now and DC Universe for the viewers who want the content from just those channels, and MAX for everyone who wants both.