Download This iPhone Tethering App Before It Gets Pulled from the App Store

If you want an iPhone tethering app, go download DiscoRecorder, a $2 'voice recorder' app that 9to5Mac says comes with a hidden tethering feature. Yep, that means you can get your computer onto the Internet with your iPhone's data connection. Sweet.

The video above explains how to set up the tethered connection but basically you're making a computer-to-computer network, connecting your iPhone, digging up an IP address and sharing a connection over a web proxy. To enable the tethering, it takes some careful tweaking, like renaming a recorded message "PearSauce269.aac" but hey it gets you online and makes you feel like a spy. Worth it! Act fast cause the app is probably going to get pulled soon. [DiscoRecorder via 9to5Mac]

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Even if its pulled and you download it beforehand, we all know Apple is the king of Big Brother. They'll reach it and erase it for you once they catch wind of it.