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Dracula Is A Peace-Loving Family Man In Newest Dracula Untold Trailer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hollywood has finally wrung every last drop of evil out of the classic literary movie monster with Dracula Untold, the new prequel in which Vlad the Impaler is a loving dad who would rather take his son on a happy riding trip than, you know, impale his enemies. Sigh.

Sure, it's awesome to see Dracula turn into a giant mob of bats and smash into an invading army, but every time I hear Dracula — again, Vlad the Impaler — talk about how swell peace is, I want to take my copy of Bram Stoker's original book and beat a Hollywood executive to death with it.


Note: This is the first international trailer for the movie, which has the much better title Dracula Zero in Japan. I would argue that the movie should be called Dracula Zero inn all countries, because that's about how much the movie has to do with the actual character of Dracula.

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