Dracula Untold Trailer Makes Dracula The Misunderstood Good Guy

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Everybody is getting a gritty, misunderstood origin story! You get an origin story, and you get an origin story! And now it's Dracula's turn. You see, Dracula wasn't a bad guy after all, he just wanted to save his son from WAR. Or something. Watch the first trailer for Dracula Untold.

Credit where credit's due; Luke Evans is a phenomenal casting move. The rest of this vampire origin story... I don't know what to tell you, because it looks like it was completely fabricated without any sort of Bram Stoker or Vlad the Impaler roots whatsoever. And that's okay, because at one point Dracula turns into a fist of bats that smashes and army of men. FIST. OF. BATS.

Evans plays Vlad Tepes, a family man who becomes a monster to save his son from war. Fingers crossed, but just FYI this is not what I come to the Dracula well for. I want sex blood parties and ridiculous hair or nothing at all. Just sayin.


Dracula Untold will premiere on October 17th.