Dreamlike Concept Images of Cities that Float High Above the Clouds

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Have you ever dreamed of life aboard an aerial city, a place that hovers well above the ground? Take a gander at these imaginary cities, from artists who imagined a future that's anything but grounded.

The picture above is a work of ~aksu at DeviantArt.

Ten Thousand Years From Now, illustration by Louis Biedermann (Odgen Standard-Examiner, Odgen, UT, February 12, 1922)

"Our illustration depicts one of the future cities floating high in the air, several miles above the earth. The question of sustaining such a large body in a rareified atmosphere will prove to be of little difficulty to our future electrical engineers. Just as we construct leviathans of the sea to-day, some of them weighing as much as 50,000 tons we shall construct entire cities weighing billions of tons, which will be held in space not by gas balloons, propellers, or the like antiquated machinery, but by means of gravity-annulling devices. Already experiments have been made whereby it has become possible to reduce the weight of substances by electrical forces." – according to the original article available on Paleofuture.


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The Flying City of Venus, by S. Zhitomorsky, from the Soviet magazine "Technika Molodezhi" (Youth Technics), 1971/9

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Thesis Project 11 Utopia and Thesis Project 5 Oxygen Tanks by Tolgahan Güngör


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Cloud Nine, by Buckminster Fuller, ca. 1960


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Cloud City from Star Wars


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Sky City in the Clouds, by Madison Murphy


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A Floating Metropolis by Robert McCall, 1971


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City In The Clouds, by *Gate-To-Nowhere


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Concepts by John Berkey, the creator of the original poster art for the Star Wars trilogy


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Frank R. Paul's artwork on the cover of Air Wonder Stories, November 1929


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Bonus: The city of Jetsons (1962-1963)