You've got to admit, taxidermy looks pretty badass—especially when there are horns involved. But animal lovers and carcass haters will agree that heads mounted on boards aren't for everybody. That's why this project from a clever artist (and bike lover) makes such great sense.

Austrian artist Andreas's creations are like taxidermy—but with old bike parts instead of dead animal parts. Using weathered saddles where the head normally goes and half-taped handlebars for horns, Scheiger creates wall art that's not only clever; it's also convenient. Some of the pieces double as bike racks! Or bag racks or coat racks. Any kind of rack really.


So why not impress your friends with your hip design sensibilities by making your own bicycle taxidermy? All it takes is a mounting board and some bolts. Or you could buy one of the many for sale on Scheiger's website. Taxidermy purists will be better off doing their shopping here, though. [Andreas Scheiger via Colossal]