Drone-Carrying Drone Carries Drone Carries Drone Carries Gum

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It's like Inception, but with UAVs: the guys at Flite Test recently sought to redefine 'overkill' by using four remote-controlled aircraft to deliver one stick of gum. Because science.

The Flite Test crew were trying to further the drone-delivery-system idea that's become popular since Google's Project Wing and Amazon's infamous Prime Air concepts, but using more of a 'mothership' theory: one aircraft does the long-distance flight, and then hands over to increasingly smaller drones as there's a need for increased manoeuvrability.

In theory, it's far from a terrible idea: a big, fixed-wing aircraft does the long-distance travel stuff, and then drops a nimble quadrotor to deliver the final package. Admittedly, using four drones to deliver a single stick of gum — like the guys in the video — probably isn't quite economically viable, but at least it's a cool proof of concept. As long as you ignore the drone-package falling off the big plane. Twice. [FliteTest]