A Building Set With Fake Explosives Lets Kids Demolish Their Creations

Even if they've spent hours perfecting a towering creation, demolition is always the end game for kids building with blocks or other construction toys. It can come from a barrage of Nerf darts, an attack by action figures, or with this building set, a bunch of simulated explosives that kids can trigger with a remote.


The $40 set comes with 50 different building pieces that depict walls, rusted pipes, smokestacks, and other notable architectural features you'd find in an abandoned factory or warehouse. It also includes a set of three spring-loaded blasters to bring everything crashing down.

Kids can hone their demolition skills by repositioning the imaginary explosives every time they rebuild, and while the remote includes sound effects, making up your own will probably be more realistic. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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