Earth Has Been Getting Warmer Way Faster Than We Thought

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We know that the planet is getting warmer—but it turns out that it's happening faster than we thought. Turns out scientists have been underestimating warming increases because of inaccurate temperature recordings taken in the southern oceans.


New Scientist reports that a team from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California has compared direct measurements from the seas with satellite data and climate models. Their findings suggest that the oceans of the southern hemisphere have absorbed more than twice as much heat trapped in our atmosphere than previously calculated.

Indeed, the results suggest that the world's oceans are currently absorbing somewhere between 24 and 58 per cent more energy than we thought. In turn, that means that we have likely underestimated how much our world has been warming—because the southern seas have been working harder to take up the slack. The findings are published in Nature Climate Change.

The study actually considers the period between 1970 and 2003. The reason for the discrepancy? During that period, northern oceans were well frequented by cargo ships while the southern seas weren't—and its those ships that record and log temperature data. So scientists were working with a limited data set—one that was inaccurate.

In recent years, a network of buoys called the Argo floats have rolling out—so we shouldn't experience the same kind of errors again. [Nature Climate Change via New Scientist]

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I think that the world is finally waking up to the blatant misdirection that the Global Warming crowd has been putting out.

How is it possible that this type of article can be taken seriously when there are credible reports everywhere that show there is RECORD COLD all over the world?…

The simple fact is that we have no clue what is going on with the climate of the planet. As soon as a theory is shot down with actual data, they just find some other hairbrained idea to blame the discrepancy on.

I think the funniest one is the article about the huge loss of ice is causing the earth's gravity to change. Meanwhile the Summer in Antarctica has record cold that has crippled several expeditions there and there is record ice coverage.

Sorry, not buying it anymore. It would be more believable if ANY of their predictions were true, but it seems like every time there is a guy like Gore out there screaming "We only have 10 years before it is too late" they just dig a deeper hole in their credibility.

Here is my thought though. Maybe all this carbon dioxide reduction is the reason why we have record cold? Maybe we went too far and now the planet is going into an ice age! Not sure about you guys, but I think global warming would be way more survivable than an Ice Age. You can still grow food when it is hot.

Robert Zubrin is a former NASA Scientist and author. He wrote The Case for Mars and has a very interesting article that talks about the benefits of Global Warming. You should read it.…