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This week at TreeHugger: Grab your tinfoil helmets and get this: WiMax, Wi-Fi on steroids, may be frying your brain as you read this. Check out the Aerogenerator, one sexy wind turbine capable of generating 9 megawatts of power from a breeze coming from any direction.


Humancar, the fun, funky human-powered, electric-motor-assisted, street-legal ride that's gone from prototype to available for sale (when else) this Earth Day. Until then, take a ride in the wayback machine with this electric bike, unveiled back in 1947.

Got WiMax on the brain? We all might, and not even know it. In the UK, Health Protection Agency is studying the issue of the health of Wi-Fi and has not even started considering the issue of WiMax, but already more than 150 million Americans are now in range of it, with inconsistent and contradictory research about the effects of being surrounded by it. The good news: the final decision on which powerful new Wi-Fi technologies are allowed into our homes, schools, offices and towns will rest with a powerful coalition of IT developers, internet service providers and lame duck regulators. We're reaching for our tinfoil helmets....

Aside from being the sexiest wind turbine we've ever seen, the Aerogenerator can not only generate as much as 9MW of power (so we've been told), it is also capable of harnessing wind from all directions without the need for the usual gearing mechanisms needed in regular horizontal axis turbines. We'll have to wait for its awesomeness, though; we're not likely to see one until 2013.

After being tested in "downtown Seattle traffic, raced downhill (faster than the turbo charged camera chase car was willing to go at our secret testing facility)," the Humancar is ready for prime time. The human-powered, electric-motor-assisted, street-legal ride will be available for sale on Earth Day for a cool 15 grand.

Lastly, take a ride on the wayback machine, all the way back to 1947 when this slick electric bike hit the streets. Yep, 60 years ago, this baby boasted a "dynamo which stores energy while traveling downhill and releases it downhill and releases it for climbing up grades." Who knew?

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no radio, but they'll sell a hippy with a guitar as an option, however it requires an additonal, hemp-fueled power source, and it only plays songs with less than 4 chords in them.