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This week at TreeHugger: Tesla Motors, makers of fine electric cars, have a announced along with California's governor that their next electric car will be called 'Model S' and that it will be built in the Bay Area instead of New Mexico. A 375 lbs black bear was shot down with a tranquilizer dart, but fell in the water. Adam Warwick jumped after it and kept the bear from drowning in sting-ray infested waters. A roundup of 7 Electric Scooters, from prototypes to production models. Finally, Carlos Ghosn announced that Nissan would produce an electric car by 2010.


Some are skeptical about labor costs in the Bay Area, but that's where the Tesla Motors plant will be. The state gave tax breaks and incentives to keep it there, so that certainly helps. The 'Model S' electric car should cost around $60,000 and have a range of 225 miles.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologist Adam Warwick just couldn't let the bear drown, so he took off his shirt and dive after it. The 375 lbs black bear had been spotted in a residential area, obviously looking for food, and was shot with a tranquilizer dart. Unfortunately, before it went under, it jumped in the water of the Gulf of Mexico. Photos and a video here.

With 30% of Americans saying they would consider riding a scooter—even some people we wouldn't expect to—and sales of scooters up by 200%, now seems like a perfect time to revisit some of our past scooter coverage and bring it all together. Here are some of our favorite electric scooters, including production models and concepts.

About 2 years ago, Nissan and Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn wasn't too impressed with hybrid cars, saying that they are "a nice story, but they’re not a a good business". Then a few months later, he announced that Nissan would license technology from Toyota for its Altima hybrid, and then develop its own hybrid technology. Now this year, Ghosn was heard saying that we needed "zero emission vehicles" to "prevent the world from exploding" (!), and that his preference was for electric cars, with the first model coming out in 2010.

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