MIT students build a solar racer that reaches 90 MPH on nothing but sun. Energy Star guidelines for enterprise servers are coming May 1st. And RFID chips are used everywhere, even to fight cacti theft.

The 2009 World Solar Challenge, taking place in Australia from October 25th to 31st, will see some of the most efficient solar vehicles in the world compete in a seven day, 2,000 miles race from Darwin to Adelaide. One of the competitors will be Eleanor, the new solar race car by MIT's Solar Vehicle Team.


The new Energy Star rating for enterprise servers - which was originally supposed to be launched on January 1st, 2009 - is coming on May 1st. Historically, computer servers have been optimized mostly for performance, but in the past few years, power consumption and heat dissipation have become extremely important and this new tool should help those who buy servers make better informed choices.

You'd think a giant cactus would be pretty hard to steal, but apparently some still manage to do it. In fact, it happens often enough that park managers of the Saguaro National Park want to inject Radio ID Chips (RFIDs) into them to deter thieves.


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