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7 concept green gadgets that we'd like to see brought to market, a video of the first test-drive of the Tesla Model S, and the Power of One (Xof1) solar-car breaks a world distance record.

We talk about concept gadgets quite a bit on TreeHugger, from energy-saving ideas to renewable energy generators, to sustainably-made gadgets. We scoured through the concepts out there today, and chose seven that we would love to see brought to market. Check out some of the ideas we think hold a lot of potential.


Last week the Tesla Model S electric car was unveiled (but only after some photos were leaked by Kevin Rose), but what was missing from all Model S coverage was a test-drive video... Here it is!

The Power of One solar-car journey symbolically began 12 June 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Seneca College—one of the project’s greatest supporters. The actual drive began in Buffalo, NY. The original plan was to drive the solar car from Buffalo, NY to Inuvik, NT and back to Buffalo, NY. In its journey to Los Angeles, it crossed the continental divide 8 times, traveled more than 1,200 miles on gravel roads, took on snow, ice, and the low angle of the Northern hemisphere during the wettest summer of the past 30 years.

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