Okay, that's just weird. NEC created a game where you are a dung beetle rolling up a ball of... carbon. It's a way to calculate your environmental impact. We think this needs more work.

NEC writes: "Participants can also view their progress in the form of a game called ?Carbon Ball,? which features dung beetle avatars in a ?carbon ball? rolling contest. The distance each household?s dung beetle travels is based on how successful they are in reducing power consumption." More about it here.


TreeHugger just announced the winners of the first annual Best of Green contest. The Science & Technology category might be of interest to Gizmodo readers. Among other winners are Samsung's Blue Earth cell phone, the Techforward, for best gadget buy-back program, the Toshiba Portege R600 for best laptop, and many more. Check it out here.

Finally, a gadget a bit bigger than most, but oh-so-cool: The Zero S electric motorcycle, the street-legal cousin of the Zero X electric dirtbike. Typical cost to recharge: Less than $.01 per mile or kilometer. You can see a video and more technical specifications here.

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