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The EcoView LCD monitor can detect when you leave the room and put itself to sleep, your GPS navigation system could help you save gas, and Google finally gets a patent for floating datacenters.

Ezio Nanao has added a new feature into its FlexScan monitor line, called "EcoView Sense." Basically, it's a feature that slips it into sleep mode quickly. But it's not just when there's no activity on the screen... Nope. This monitor knows when you're there, or when you've up and walked off.


A study by NuStats showed that users of GSP navigation systems get where they're going faster, and spend less time driving than drivers without GPS assistance. According to the study, this results in a 12% improvement in fuel efficiency on average. More details here.

Back in September, everybody (including Gizmodo) was writing about Google's "floating data center" submission to the patent office. Well, the patent was approved! It's not clear yet whether they'll actually make them, though...

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