Cuttlefish hold the secret to energy efficient TVs, Indiana hops on board with major e-waste regulations, hand-cranked flashlights get hacked into battery chargers, and seedbombs scatter the earth with trees instead of terror.

Scientists are taking a closer look at how cuttlefish can flash colors in under a second, and looking to see if they hold a secret we can use to manufacture ultra energy efficient televisions and e-ink devices. They hope to find clues that make both manufacturing and running the devices at both a fraction of the power and a fraction of the price.


Indiana has passed wide sweeping e-waste legislation, making it the 19th state to go statewide on e-cycling laws. The new regulations also offer some nice freebies for consumers who want to properly lay gadgets to rest.

We love hacks that make useful things even more useful and eco-friendly! Check out a way to hack a wind-up flashlight to be a battery charger.

Here is one concept that makes you wonder about the future of tree-planting efforts on Arbor Day. The seedbomb is an arial assault on deforestation!

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