LEDs are prettier with quantum dots, Gotwind goes human powered for mobile gadget charging, furniture that charges your gear wirelessly, and an iPhone app that makes recycling easy peasy.

Two companies are out to make our energy efficient lighting experience more pleasant. Nexxus has made LED lamps with white LEDs, and QD Vision is providing a cover with a coating of specially tuned quantum dots that help make the light-color more pleasing to the eye. Er, just what are quantum dots?


A new iPhone app called iRecycle takes the guess work out of what you can recycle and where. Use it to look up everything you need to know about recyclables and your local drop off points.

A very cool way to power up gadgets without wires comes from Powerkiss and is shown off at ICFF. It is a module that can be incorporated into furniture for easy charging without the jungle of wires.

And Gotwind takes off-grid charging to a more portable place with their new human-powered mobile phone charging device. It'll be shown off at this year's Glastonbury music festival, but you get to take a look now.

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