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How much e-waste is the switch to digital creating? Just how do you make your own wind turbine? Will consumer electronics ever become obsolete? How might smart power outlets save lives? Your burning questions answered!

Old TVs left out in the cold after the switch to digital might make for an awful e-waste mess. But they don't have to. We talk about how to upgrade greenly.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee, it'd be awesome to make my own verticle axis wind turbine!"? Turns out, there are some great step-by-step instructions for you to follow to make your own renewable energy source.


Gadgets are, let's face it, awesome. But it's also tough to keep them under control, and keep ourselves under control every time a new device hits the market. There are ways we can take the burden off the environment, and even make gadget consumption a thing of the past.

We've heard of smart grids, smart meters, even smart buildings and smart power strips. But what about smart outlets? Turns out they can save not only energy, but lives!


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