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NYC starts counting carbon emissions with a giant billboard, LED lights are getting fancy with color-changing bulbs, Android mobile phones go solar powered, and the competition for the .eco TLD gets hotter.

New York City is now sporting a billboard that is counting the carbon emissions in our atmosphere. Using the most reliable data available, the number keeps climbing. However, we have some questions for just how effective this billboard will be.

Do you have that designer eye when it comes to your lighting? New LED bulbs can be tuned to 7 different shades of white with a handy remote control.


Solar cells on mobile phones seem to be the next hot thing for green, and Android users may get to be part of the party. ZTE is hinting at new Android versions of its affordable solar phone.

Al Gore and team aren't the only ones vying for the .eco top level domain from ICANN. Big Room is in the house, and they're looking to use the .eco domain to, well, change the way the world works.


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