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TreeHugger explores just what goes in to automating your house for Twitter, the practicality of solar powered lighting, if iRobot is serious about e-cycling, and how home water makers work and which models are best.

So just how does one got about setting up their house to Twitter its energy and resource consumption? An IBM Master Inventor, Andy Stanford-Clark dishes on insider tips.


The easier we make setting up solar power on lighting, the better. Visible Light Solar is working on cutting energy costs by as much as 85% thanks to their retrofittable tech.

iRobot responded right away after we called them out on their shoddy e-cycling practices. But how are they doing on following through?


And with the water crisis upon us, are home water makers about to be part of every home? We lend a hand on understanding how they work, and what models you'll want to check out if you decide you're in the market.

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