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Solar cells using "nanopillars" could drop solar costs by 10x, Microsoft launches Hohm dashboard for you to beta test, Greenpeace tells us the greenest gadget companies, and the gag-worthy Solar Vest embodies geeky ugly.


A breakthrough in solar that involves putting 'nanopillars' on aluminum foil could improve the efficiency of manufacturing solar by as much as 300%. That could drop costs way down, if they can get the technology out of the lab.

Microsoft has tossed its home energy management software, dubbed Hohm, into the beta ring for you to take your swing. All feedback is appreciated as they build a better tool to help you analyse your energy use, and give you recommendations on saving money and energy.


Greenpeace wags its finger at HP, Lenovo and Dell, and praises other companies in its most recent report on the greenest gadget manufacturers.

Finally, one ugly "solar" gadget vest pushes us too far. We look at the bigger picture with ridiculous designs, and tell companies why they need to quit dreaming up and manufacturing ugly solar clothing.

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Great. Yet another awesome solar technology that we won't see in our lifetime.