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This week on TreeHugger we have everything from Japan's drive for space-based solar power, to Snow Leopard's $10 million energy savings potential, to everything you wanted to know about keeping your cell phone longer....and more!


Home energy monitors get reviewed, and our findings can help you figure out what works best for you. Jon Plowman, the former head of BBC Comedy, explains how each real-time energy saving display works, and talks us through the pros and cons.

Speaking of saving energy, Apple's new Snow Leopard OS gets reviewed for its energy saving potential, and the results are small but surprising over the long term.

And speaking of Apple, they've had a major packaging fail that we spent some time gasping at. But then again, if you're an Apple fan, there's a way to deliciously make up for any added carbon footprint you might have thanks to the company...

On the car front, some interesting things have been happening. Police cars are using new technology to cut down on idling time and save $3k per year per your next speeding ticket might be thaaaaat much more green.


Moving on to cell phones, there are some surprising numbers that most of us don't know about the devices. We give some back story and tips about making the most of your mobile.

Off-grid energy has also been getting attention. First, we talk about a wide range of cool devices that disconnect us from the wall outlet. We also talk about Japan's own moonshot - their goal to invest $21 billion in space-based solar power.


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