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EcoModo - The Best of TreeHugger

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This week, Google maps out the world's carbon cycle, Sweden turns nuclear bunkers into data centers, nano tech might save solar power, and the strangest thing will clean up nuclear waste.


Google Earth has a new application that shows carbon dioxide in different layers of the earth's atmosphere. Not only can you navigate through space, but also through time!

Indiana Jones wants to keep the tropical jungles where he has his adventures. In other words, Harrison Ford along with some heavy hitting companies have launched a new social networking site dedicated to stopping deforestation.


Ask Pablo: What is the most efficient use of solar power? Check out the top 3 ways tech helps us utilize the sun most efficiently.

Electric cars, anyone? Here are 9 that made the biggest splash at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Art Energy Design has created a sculpture, of a 12-foot flower with solar cells in the leaves and a small wind turbine for the petals. It looks hacked-yet-still-futuristic enough that it just might be something you want to install in your back yard.

We like plants near our computers but what about in our computers? Might you offset your carbon emissions with this desktop planter?


Android phone users, you're about to become scientists! Check out this awesome new app that puts research labs on your cell phone.

Nanotech looks to be the holy grail here is making more efficient solar panels to reduce the cost of solar power. Here's how that would work...


Nuclear bunker...for a data center? Turns out it's a perfect location for greening up IT operations. Check out this bat cave of a data center in Sweden.

Speaking of nuclear...guess what cleans it up! Here's a hint: It's a bacteria we try to avoid just as much as nuclear waste itself.


TreeHugger's EcoModo column appears every Tuesday on Gizmodo.

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Figure out how to clean up nuclear waste, and our problems are solved. Well, come up with a cold fusion reactor that is feasable, and then our problems are solved.

But if we can figure out a way to completely get rid of nuclear waste, the hippes will have no reason anymore to keep America out of the wonderful nuclear energy business...