This week on TreeHugger, incredible iPhone apps, robots taking over the streets, top apocalyptic sci-fi films, wind-powered electric cars, new solar powered cell phones and more!

More Than 100 iPhone Apps For Green Shopping, Eating, Travel and Fun
Every app you might want for living a greener life, from augmented reality to home automation.


9 Best Eco Apocalyptic Science Fiction Films of All Time
There's nothing like a vision of a world gone to hell to get the point across. In these nine post-apocalyptic movies (and one tv episode), ranging from the 1960's until next month (one's not released yet) the death, destruction, and general bleak futuristic visions are all based on environmental disasters. A note on the selection process: Don't expect to see "Waterworld". Bombs, even with savvy green messages, didn't make the cut.

Green Cell Phones Prefered by 40% of Consumers...If They Could Find Them
According to a poll conducted by ABI Research, nearly half of consumers in the market for cell phones would choose one that is considered "green." There's a catch, though - or rather, two catches.

Man Drives Wind-Powered Car
Harold Smith of Prince Edward Island has it all figured out: He has a private 20 Kilowatt wind turbine, and electric Toyota and a licence plate that says NO GAS.


Tiny Robot Trash Harvesters to Clean Streets of the Future
Move over Roomba, you've just met your match. It's called the Scarab, and it's an automated robot that's been designed to efficiently and quickly clean much larger areas, like shopping centers and neighborhood streets.

LG POP Cell Phone Goes Solar Powered
The latest entry into the market of cell phones with embedded solar cells is the POP from LG. The slick phone - very similar to the LG Dare - boasts an optional battery cover that is a solar cell, letting users charge up the battery with sunlight.

Buying Music Online Can Cut Carbon by 80%, Study Says
A new report put together by Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Stanford University examines how environmentally friendly digital music distribution is in comparison to traditional methods. Turns out, carbon emissions and energy use can be cut by 40% to 80%, depending on a few factors.


Nation's First TV Energy Efficiency Standards Will Cut CO2 By 3.5 Million Tons
The television energy efficiency standards being pushed forward by California are not without controversy...and not without some serious green potential. Even utility Pacific Gas and Electric is going to bat for the improved standards.

Japan's High Tech Graveyard Solution as Burial Space Grows Scarce
Japan has come up with a novel, high-tech and space-saving solution that reuses warehouse building space as a place to mourn the dead.

Facebook HQ Recycles 60s Computer Factory
Computers used to be about hardware, when Aligent made electronic measuring devices at this factory in Palo Alto. Now it is headquarters for the 850 employees of Facebook, and what a transformation it is. Studio O+A left as much of the old building as they could, recycling old lab desks and reusing cranes.


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