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On TreeHugger, it's all about POWER! Off-grid charging is a multi-billion dollar industry, battery chargers to buy, hack, or dream about, universal cell phone charger gets the green light, and a wooden buggy that is really an EV?

Off-Grid Charging for Cell Phones Is a $2.3 Billion Industry (Video)
Solar and wind powered gadget chargers are part of an industry that can not only reduce the carbon footprint of our gadgets, but is also worth billions.


Finally! Attractive Solar Clothing - The Zegna Ecotech Solar Jacket
And here's where a big chunk of that $2.3 billion is coming from - It's about time gadget lovers make a positive fashion statement with a good looking piece of solar clothing.

Battery Chargers - Solar Chargers to Buy, Chargers to Hack, And Concept Chargers to Wait For
Another big chunk of the $2.3 billion comes in the form of these fabulous battery chargers...but maybe not such a big chunk. There are some ideas in here for hacking an off-grid charger for free.

Universal Phone Charger Approved, Could Save 13.6 Million Tons of CO2
A universal charger was approved by the International Telecommunication Union that manufacturers will be strongly encouraged to adopt as they roll out new phones - it'll save e-waste and emissions, not to mention lots of money.

Venom Introduces First Carbon Neutral Alkaline Batteries...But Can Disposable Be Green?
Do we pick apart just how "carbon neutral" disposable batteries can possibly be, or do we congratulate Venom on taking steps forward on greening batteries that are an undeniable product in our market place?


The Best Swag Bag EVER! PopTech Hands Out Solar FLAP Bags That Turn Into Lanterns
Attendees at this year's PopTech received as their swag bag the FLAP - Flexible Light and Power. It's messenger bag with built in flexible solar cells that can charge up a mobile device, or power an LED in the bag, turning it into a lantern. They *so* should have these at next year's CES.

Electric Wooden Buggy Hits the Streets of New York (VIDEO)
Seth Kinmont is an artist with one foot in the future—and one way in the past. He built an electric car with a design based on a combination of old wooden buggy models, including a horse drawn carriage, and an Amish cart. Apparently, the whole thing runs on four 12-volt batteries.


What Will It Take to Get EVs on the Road (Really)
Electric cars have the potential to improve our energy system, resuscitate the automobile industry, and dramatically reduce America's oil use. At least, that's the goal. The question is how do we actually get them on the road, and charged.

Dell HQ Gets a 130 kW Solar Parking Lot with Plug-In Charging Stations
Check out Dell Headquarter's newest parking lot feature - generating solar power, keeping employees' cars cool, and offsetting about 145,000 pounds of CO2 a year.


Disappearing Plastic Bags - New Plastic Magazine Mailer Dissolves in Hot Water
And one random one...might your next issue of Wired come in a plastic bag that dissolves faster than you can say "off-grid charging"?

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