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This week on TreeHugger, the newest species of robo-fish, Google's PowerMeter partners with UK energy monitoring gadgets, the iPhone might be the Kindle killer, wind turbines that flap like bee wings, and more.


Sharing Green Patents: Eco-Patent Commons & Green Xchange
Green patents are growing like mad, and it looks like there's no stopping their popularity.

Flapping Wind Turbine Inspired by Bumble Bee Wings
Green Wavelength, an up-and-coming California engineering biz, has prototyped a small wind turbine, the xBEE, the elegant flapping motion of which is inspired by the buzz of insect wings (see the video).


Pollution-Patrolling Robotic Fish Have "Muscle" Movement Like Real Fish
Michigan State University researchers are bringing another version of a robotic fish to the scene, having just received funding to move the project forward. And these fish have some very life-like features.

The Real Kindle Killer May Be the iPhone
iPhone just might be a device for Kindle to really keep an eye on as a competitor. In September, the number of book-related apps sold for iPhones outpaced games for the first time, indicating that the iPhone is gaining popularity as a convenient device for ebook reading.

Pimp Your Bike - Pump Your Light
The PUYL serves both as a bicycle tire pump and as a headlight, an efficient combo it its own right. But it gets better: the PUYL's battery recharges while you pump!

Very Promising! Zinc-Air Battery Could Hold 300% More Energy Than Lithium-Ion
ReVolt Technology, a company based in Staefa, Switzerland, claims that its Zinc-air battery can "store three times the energy of lithium ion batteries, by volume, while costing only half as much," and unlike other existing air batteries, this one would be rechargeable.


One of the Most Beautiful Radios We've Ever Seen...And It's Made for TreeHuggers!
Now this could top any greenie gadgeteer's holiday wish list. It is a gorgeous little wooden radio that - to top off its loveliness - is solar powered.

Google's PowerMeter Hits the UK. All Part of the Plan for Smart Grid Global Domination.
By partnering with First:Utility and AlertMe, Google's home energy dashboard PowerMeter has just hit the UK, becoming available for residents to watch every last watt and cut back where possible.


Savior Bud Sucks Moisture From Trees for Drinking Water
For dry areas, every drop of drinking water is important. Moisture collectors are a big help, and this concept design, modestly called the Savior Bud, is one idea to help gather up moisture from a tree's respiratory process and create drinking water.

A "Digital" Photo Frame To End The Debate Over Electric or Old Fashioned
Meet the image.jpeg photo frame - touted as the "first ever analog "digital" photo frame,"


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