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Ecomodo - The Best of Treehugger

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This week on TreeHugger, motorcycles that run on Linux, sneakers only a geek could love, a design project that lets you text fish (and get responses), growing bacteria into packaging, and more.


Sneakers for Geeks and Hackers Are Made form Recycled Computer Chips
Gabriel Dishaw, junk-metal artist extraordinaire, fashioned these incredible shoes out of pieces of computers and typewriters, with only glue and metal bending techniques to keep the pieces held together.

Mavizen's 130 MPH TTX02 Electric Motorcycle Runs on Linux
This crazy motorcycle is called a "laptop on wheels" because of all the electronics it packs on top of what is strictly required to control the electric motor - including a dash-mounted computer that runs Linux, has wifi connectivity and a web-server.


Amphibious Architecture Gets People to Interact with River System, Includes Texting Fish
A new design project offers an interesting, techy way for fish and people to interact, including humans sending text messages fish. Yes, text messages...and getting a response.

Futuristic Manhole Cover Harvests Rainwater Power and Tells You Where to Catch a Bus
The covers, called "eco signs," harvest power from rainfall in order to tell you, just by tapping your foot on its right or left side, information such as where to find the closest subway station or bus stop.

Hand-Held Printer Only Needs You to Wave It Over The Paper (Video)
Printers can be big, clunky machines that spit out more pages than you intended to print. So what if you had a tiny hand-held printer that only put down ink where you waved your hand? Now you can.

Foresters Use GPS to Save Ants' Nests from Thousands of Falling Trees
Just how good has GPS technology gotten? Good enough that it can be used to pinpoint the exact location of a handful of tiny ants in a massive forest.


A Solar Powered Blanket Creates Cell Phone-Powered Health Care for Africans
Sounds like a strange mix, but a blanket that sports solar power could help improve health care in Africa by allowing those people without electricity to charge cell phones used for getting health care information.

The 100-Mile Diet for Electricity? The Institute for Local Self-Reliance Argues for Decentralization
The Insitute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) has released a second version of its study that pushes for local power - in other words, how you can run what's in your house off of what's on top of your house.


Harnessing Bacteria to Grow Custom Packaging
This ambitious concept called Bacs harnesses the bacterium acetobacter xylinum to self-assemble around an object, encasing it in a biodegradable paper-like shell. No kidding - bacteria into packaging...

Take Up Less Space With A Vertical Bed
Sleep standing up. It's the ultimate nerd bed.


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