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This week on, bacteria that glows when it senses landmines, grass-covered computer mouses, a super sponge that absorbs anything but water, an awesome Garmin GPS add-on greens your driving, and more...


Scientists Create Bacteria that Lights Up Around Landmines
It seems like something straight out of a science fiction film, but this new bacteria is very real - it actually glows when it senses the presence of a landmine.

Silo Ink Reduces Printer Waste, Saves 80% on Ink Expenses
The cartridges hook up to your printer's existing cartridges and not only reduce waste and are refillable, but will save you 80% on the cost of ink.

Grass-Covered Computer Mouse (...and Cell Phone, and Car, and...)
Is this the new wave of accessories to go along with all the bamboo-covered computer devices on the market? Japanese artist Hanaoka likes to cover stuff in grass.

Awesome Art for Green Geeks - Mona Lisa Made of Motherboards
This Mona Lisa is in the lobby of the headquarters of ASUS in Peitou, Taiwan. It looks like a photomosaic, but the pixilated Mona Lisa is a bit more geeky than that.

Garmin Eco-Route Add-on Turns Your GPS Into a Green-Driving Teacher
A new add-on cable that can plug into your car's diagnostics communication port and feed that real-time data to your GPS device.

Does Our Water Really Come From Outer Space?
A new theory poses that our water was actually a chemical hitchhiker, finding a home on Earth after being brought here as ice on incoming meteors. In other words - alien water!


Swarms of Tiny Robotic Ocean Explorers to Help With Marine Preservation...Or Become Fish Food (Video)
Lots of little robots called autonomous underwater explorers (AUEs) might be swimming with you on your next trip to the beach.

Carbon Nanotube Sponge Can Absorb Toxic Oils and Solvents up to 180x Its Weight!
Scientists have created a sponge made of carbon nanotubes that can absorb organic pollutants from the surface of water up to 180x its weight (!) without absorbing water (see video below to see how light it is).


Tech Chest Turns Luggage Into Hide-Away Computer Case
One part neat upcycling, and one part Steampunk, one part James Bond, this PC case is fantastic. You know you want one.

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Is there anything carbon nanotubes can't theoretically accomplish? I've heard of at least twenty or thirty applications in the last year or so, the most interesting of which seemed to be as a new long-life battery.