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Ecomodo - The Best of Treehugger

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RoboClams, stylish solar speakers, compressed air cars...and if that's not enough for you, make nano solar cells from powdered donuts!


Cheap 3D Solar Cells Are 6x More Efficient, Work Underground
Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have created the world's first 3-D photovoltaic solar system that actually works underground.

Drool-Worthy Wooden Mouse Has Debatable Eco-Credentials
This absolutely gorgeous AlestRukov wooden mouse is usually the type of gadget we love to see, but unfortunately we're on the fence about just how eco-friendly it is. Weigh in...


Is There a Future for Compressed Air Cars?
A new study published in Environmental Research Letters pours some cold water on those who think that compressed air cars are the future.

Razor Clams are Inspiration for RoboClam, a Robotic Sand-Digging Anchor (Video)
Scientists have taken a keen look at the mighty clam and have come up with a robot that can mimic how the clam digs itself into the sand, named, aptly, the RoboClam.

TED Talk - 13th Century Astrolabe, the First Popular Computers
Sometimes event the newest gadgets are overshadowed by really, really old gadgets. Ancient technology is amazing, and Tom Wujec shows the astrolabe, one of the earliest computing gadgets.

Qualcomm's Upcoming e-Reader Will Mimic Butterfly Wings for Energy-Sipping Color Displays (Video)
This technology which uses butterfly wings for inspiration for creating ultra low energy, ultra bright color displays will play a prominent role in the new e-reader, which might just give theKindle and Nook a run for their money.


How to Make Nano Solar Cells from Powdered Donuts (Video)
In addition to powdered donuts, you'll need some Passion tea from Starbucks and a bottle of Everclear. Enjoy.

Are Solar Chargers Turning Into Flowers? Beautiful iPetals Concept May Set Trend
Designers seem to be setting a new trend for solar chargers, turning small scale renewable gadget charging into something resembling a bouquet of flowers.


Regan's Beautiful (and Big) Reverb Solar Powered Speakers
The super sexy Reverb can play between 20 and 40 hours on a full charge. And this is no wimpy counter-top speaker, either.

GoodGuide's Newest iPhone App Lets You Scan Barcodes In Stores And Get the Scoop on Products
GoodGuidehas announced the first iPhone application that scans barcodes to "provide impartial health, environment and social responsibility ratings of products and companies." And what's more - it's free.


TreeHugger's EcoModo column appears every Tuesday on Gizmodo.

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