This week on TreeHugger, artificial mountains are the green cities of the future, get a flatpack instant pop-up office, awesome new tech finds water with GPS, and IBM blows stuff up.

IBM Uses Micro-Forecasting for Ultra Efficiency, Thinks Cities Should Do the Same (Video)
IBM has kicked off an interesting series of short videos that show how their tactics for creating highly efficient manufacturing facilities can be a model for making cities just as efficient. Plus you get to see them blow something up.


Bike Trailer Homes for Sale, Only $1950 O.B.O
Some might say that Brian Campbell has been living on the street for thirty years; others might suggest that he has mastered the skill of lightweight mobile living. Brian actually lives in his creations. Jonathan Maus of Bike Portland writes that he has now gone into business making them for others as well.

Just What We Needed Dept: Mechanized House Plants for Extra Purified Air
Call it a botanical air purifier, or a plant inside a machine with a fan. Either way, it's an odd little device whose main purpose is to suck in air and circulate it around a plant's roots and leaves to give you sparkling clean air.

Fighting Water Scarcity with GPS
Scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder have begun using interference patterns-called multipath signals-created when satellite signals reflect off the earth, to measure moisture on the ground and in vegetation. A whole new cheap technology could help us when it comes to the water crisis.


After California Nixes Energy-Sucking TVs, What's Next in the Crosshairs?
PC Magazine takes a half joking jibe at a few devices - but their choices of examples actually show a bright red arrow pointing at a particular group of gadgets.

MVRDV Proposes Artificial Mountains as Green Cities of the Future
Dutch architecture firm MVRDV presents an interesting concept for a high density self-sufficient city of the future in China, all in the shape of a Chinese mountain landscape. And the clincher - we could create it with existing technologies.

Flatpack Instant Office Built Like Pop-Up Book
This could be an entire new branch of architecture- designs which open and close like pop-up books.


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